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Lubbock’s No Dry County started using the term “Panhandle Music” a few years back to describe the music that had been coming out of West Texas’ dusty Panhandle. While it’s certainly been used as a catch-all for artists coming out of the region, it’s specifically has been used to give a rough outline of what No Dry County sounds like themselves in a short, timely manner.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to define what Panhandle Music is. Everyone from the pioneering bands such as The Maines BrothersThe Flatlanders and Terry Allen to modern-day troubadours like Brandon AdamsRyan Culwell and William Clark Green have been dubbed as Panhandle Music. In reality, NDC’s genre-bending label has less to do with sound and more so to do with a mindset and feel. In short, how do the arid windswept plains and carved up canyons of the Panhandle make you feel? How have they affected you?

After a string of EPs, Ella Rose and To Whom It May Concern, No Dry County found a solid footing with their debut full-length The Night Before, which found the band honing in on a defined sound and style that leaned heavy on anthems and love songs.

For their second full-length efforts, the four-piece outfit (Trent Langford, Bristen Phillips, Matt Newsom and Dub Wood) set out to create an epic of sorts—one revolving around the harsh, yet beautiful badlands and people who inhabit it. Panhandle Music is a sprawling and expansive musical adventure that soars high for aerial shots and creeps down low for candid narratives.

-Thomas Mooney

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