About NDC:

“No Dry County carries the torch for a new generation of young artists traveling the circuit in Texas. It’s country and americana music infused with classic rock and roll, then left to simmer, filling the room with the sound of success. It’s heartfelt music filled with lyrics about real life, real places and real people. Attend any live show and you’ll notice that this band from Lubbock has the ability to cross cultural as well as generational boundaries with their sound and energy. After giving up jobs and moving into a van, the band has made their living playing over 100 dates a year pushing their first two EP’s. Now with another year of experience, NDC is poised to make another strong push with the release of their first full length album “The Night Before”. Traveling mostly in Texas and the Midwest, the group is “paying dues” as they say and rapidly gaining popularity.”

-Corey Johnston


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